Sano ei verkkoäänestyksille (FIN)

ITviikon uutisen mukaan liikenne- ja viestintäministeri Leena Luhtanen vilauttelee taas kerran vanhaa ajatusta Internetin kautta tapahtuvasta äänestyksestä. Tällä kertaa puhutaan jopa konkreettisesti vuoden 2007 eduskuntavaaleista. Soisi ja toivoisi viestintäministerinkin ymmärtävän, että verkkoäänestyksessä on fundamentaalisempia ongelmia kuin pelkästään äänten laskenta (joka sekään ei USA:n Dieboldin kokemusten perusteella ole onnistunut kovin luotettavasti). Pahin ja ratkaisemattomin ongelma verkkoäänestyksessä […]

RSS & Atom feeds available

My blog is now available as RSS 1.0 and Atom 0.3 XML feeds. Check my feeds page for more information on the feed formats, reader software, validators, etc. If you don’t know what these feeds mean, they’re basically a way to follow blogs and websites without having to open your web browser every time, just […]

Another hit for intellectual freedom

As reported by Slashdot and, Kodak just won a patent lawsuit against Sun’s Java technology. Apparently, Kodak owns some obscure software patent that can be interpreted to describe the way Java (and Microsoft’s .NET) work. They didn’t invent it themselves, they just bought the patent rights from another company and sued Sun. Of course, […]

Vaalikonetuloksia (FIN)

Tässäpä mielenkiintoisia tuloksia. Ketähän nämä tyypit on, en ole koskaan kuullutkaan… Parhaat 3: 1 900 Nuottanen Jaana Vihreät 340 2 339 Eriksson Kimmo Liberaalit 323 3 166 Lillja Jan RKP 320 Huonoimmat 3: 714 589 Haavisto Kristiina SKP -204 715 280 Mansikka-Aho Cata Keskusta (sit) -226 716 606 Paananen Antti SKP -283 Vaalikone:

Game Boy Advance SP games arrived!

Amazon finally delivered my order of Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros and Harvest Moon 2 for GameBoy Advance! I also got my travel pack with the headphone adapter and USB charger cable… A little something about the games: Pac-Man needs no explanation of course. It’s all just about wandering around in dark rooms, eating magic pills […]

Why is this blog/website in English?

You may be wondering why this website including the blog section is in English, although I’m Finnish, and Finnish is my first language. Well the answer is simple. I’ve visited far too many European websites, especially in the .de domain, that only contained information in their native language, usually German. It pisses me off beyond […]

AirPort Express rocks

TNT finally delivered my new AirPort Express today. No, it’s not the same thing as AirPort Extreme or the other basestation models. It’s basically a WLAN-to-Audio bridge that you can use e.g. for streaming music to your bedroom, which is exactly what I use it for. To be fair, AirPort Express can do more than […]

Telecom guys suck

Have you ever tried to send operator logos and ringtones to a mobile phone? It’s a mess! I mean, it’s not just that there are numerous different standards and specifications, but you’re not even supposed to follow them! Then of course, there is the madness with the operator and network codes that don’t have anything […]