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If your Chromium OS image doesn't boot

Posted on 2010-08-22 by Kenneth Falck

So you built a Chromium OS image and copied it to a USB stick, but it only boots to a blank screen? Try this advice to override the root disk:

  • While booting, hit Esc to bring up the Linux boot menu.
  • Choose an overridden root disk by entering:    boot: chromeos-usb.A root=/dev/sdc3

Depending on your hardware and disk configuration, you can try sdb3, sdc3, sdd3, etc. to find the right disk. For instance, Asus EeePC 901 has two built-in SSD drives (sda and sdb) so the correct USB device is sdc3.


You can also specify the correct root disk manually when building the USB image (inside chroot):

./build_image --usb_disk /dev/sdc3