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Nokia SU-8W Bluetooth Keyboard

Posted on 2005-11-23 by Kenneth Falck


I got one of these to provide a better input method for the Nokia 770 tablet. It works pretty well, provided you install the 770 Bluetooth keyboard plugin.

Problems so far: the keymap is wrong (using English while my keyboard is Finnish/Swedish), Bluetooth pairing doesn't work, in XTerm the Enter-key doesn't work properly, screen saver is not deactivated by keypresses (gets annoying pretty fast). I think these will be fixed in the future.

Btw, how come Bluetooth keyboards must be configured to use the correct keymap? Why didn't they include the keycodes in the protocol, to match what's printed on the keyboard?

Although my keyboard seems to be a German variant, with Z and Y messed up. So maybe it's good to be able to edit the keymap..

Anyway, pretty cool to be able to use vim and ssh natively. No Symbian BS here, this is real Linux and I'd say that's the way all cell phones are going to be.