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Demonstration against the copyright proposal

Posted on 2005-10-04 by Kenneth Falck

A demonstration against the new Finnish copyright law proposal was held today at 13:00-14:00 in front of the Parliament House. You will probably see it in the evening news on TV1, MTV3 and Nelonen. Other people are blogging this too, of course. And yes, I was there too, snapping some pictures I might put in the gallery later on.

The turnout was larger than I expected, although the police estimate it at only 300. Probably several people couldn't make it because of work. EFFI was there of course, and they also blogged about it a few days ago.

The arguments heard were solid enough, with many people even ignoring the MP3 issue altogether and concentrating on freedom of speech, accessibility and other larger problems of the proposal.

Of course, the politicians who were present were mostly from oppositional parties and merely took the change to blame the government. The most popular one was clearly Jyrki J.J. Kasvi though, who seems to be one of the few politicians that actually understand the issues at hand.


Some nice illustrations of what's been really going on lately...


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