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Posted on 2005-09-23 by Kenneth Falck


I decided to update my vinyl collection after a long pause.. Here are some comments on what I bought from Street Beat .

JUPITER ACE : 1000 Years [12"]

I woke up one morning to this song playing on Kiss FM. Even though I hate waking up, I pretty much fell in love with the song.

TOMAZ & KOBBE : Saturn Moons [12"]

This is Intec stuff, a bit more techno/minimal than the others mentioned here. Nicely swinging beat with just a little bit of melody to make it interesting.

AXWELL : Feel The Vibe [12"]

If you know Ministry of Sound, this is their standard kind of stuff. Uplifting female vocals, nice bassline driven house/trance beat

WAWA & MAD MARK : I'm In Love [12"]

Nicely driven vocal house/trance. One of the mixes is quite Donna Summer/I Feel Love -style.

ORKIDEA : Embrace [12"]
ORKIDEA : Xpanding Girl [12"]

My first Orkidea records. I was a fan back in 1994 when he used to DJ at Deep Club. Glad to hear he's producing classy stuff. Easy-to-like trance with familiar elements, although using the Apollo moon landing samples is a bit old..

HEADSTRONG : Close Your Eyes [12"]

Nicely flowing female vocal trance with a lot of echo.. Still not too cheesy for my taste.

YES : Owner Of A Lonely Heart (remix) [12"]

Ok, another one of those 80's cover tracks. This one is by Max Graham, but it doesn't really have much content. Just a plain trance/house beat underneath the Yes guitar riffs and vocals.

MK ULTRA PROJECT : Epsilon Eridani [12"]

This is slightly boring techno, I had higher expectations. The main track gets better towards the end (with some melodies coming out) but the first half is pretty simple bassline/drums.

PHONY MC'S : Black [12"]

Cool stuff. Dark straight beat with brief, hipshop-style vocal samples and a very driving riff. First half of the main track is pretty simple, maybe even boring, but it builds and gets better.