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Holiday in the Finnish archipelago

Posted on 2005-06-27 by Kenneth Falck

The long, sweaty, overworked spring of 2005 has finally ended and I am currently spending my summer holidays at the usual place, our family island located in the southern Finnish archipelago near Porvoo and Pernaja (very close to Kabböle).

The Midsummer party here went on quite nicely, with only a couple of cases of alcohol poisoning and one guy falling into the sea. Luckily, all of the forementioned are still alive and happy. We also made some interesting contact with the neighbours, who had brought their fully equipped car sound system and a computer loaded with mp3's to the seaside.

Now it's one week here with absolutely nothing to do. Of course, the Finnish weather is merciless to those who dare to take their vacation in June. The average air temperature so far seems to be close to 15, although sea water is still above 17. A little dip in the ocean every now and then keeps your mind and body fresh...