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Waiting for the G5 PowerBook

Posted on 2005-04-12 by Kenneth Falck

Once again I've been struck by an irresistible compulsion to buy an Apple computer. I already possess an older iBook G3 laptop and a G4 desktop, but they're aging fast. What I really *must have* is a lightweight 12" PowerBook with a G5 CPU.

Of course, no such thing exists yet. All PowerBooks and iBooks are G4 at max 1.67 GHz. Meanwhile, the desktops are sporting dual-G5's at 2.5 GHz. What's holding up the mobile version?

If you've followed the Apple scene, you know the reason. IBM's PowerPC 970FX, also known as G5, is simply too heat-dissipating and power-hungry to be suitable for laptop use. The smallest form factor currently achieved is the flat-panel iMac.

So what can you do? The G4 PowerBooks and iBooks are there, but they're not 64-bit. It seems as if the mobile G5 is just around the corner, but that has been predicted since last summer. So...

... I will wait anyway. I want my 64 bits on my Xcode.