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Vacation in World of Warcraft

Posted on 2005-03-22 by Kenneth Falck


Well, haven't written much lately, which is largely due to World of Warcraft. Tero, a friend of mine from work, sold me a copy of the game. Ever since I've hade no problems of allocating my spare time.

Just reached level 20 with my main character, a night elf druid on Aszune. I also have a level 14 tauren hunter on Shattered Hand. Right now I'm working on a level 11 human warlock (on Aszune too) to make it my main. I really prefer warlocks for some reason, even if druids arent't bad at all either.

I'm actually on my winter vacation for this week, so I'm having a lot of time to play right now. Although I'm also hit with some weird flu with fever for many days now (real world, can't use magical healing).