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Team America: World Police

Posted on 2005-02-03 by Kenneth Falck


This is the coolest movie this year! (Well, last year actually, but anyway.) If you're into South Park humour, you'll love this. It's all about making fun of the whole world; America, Europe, Asia as well as the Middle-East. There is a certain emphasis on the USA and it's (re)actions to terrorism, but everybody gets their share, including Hans Blix.

The thing I liked most in this movie was the total absense of computer generated graphics. The film is all about wooden puppets, plastic scale models and real props. And that's way cooler than any of the latest Star Wars movies with all their fancy CGI effects. Although the puppets are actually radio controlled to enable a bit more facial expression, they're still real.

Rest assured, the movie also has a great script with action and drama. You get to see all the highs and lows of the characters, as in any good Hollywood movie... And in the end, the American hero saves it all, of course (by giving a gay blow job and a nice finale speech in a very Trey Parkerish spirit).

I just hope American people get this movie. Most will probably miss the point just like they did in Starship Troopers. Either that, or they'll concentrate on the mockery of the U.N. and forget all about their own screw-ups, as they usually do.