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Why is this blog/website in English?

Posted on 2004-10-02 by Kenneth Falck

You may be wondering why this website including the blog section is in English, although I'm Finnish, and Finnish is my first language.

Well the answer is simple. I've visited far too many European websites, especially in the .de domain, that only contained information in their native language, usually German. It pisses me off beyond belief when there is important information publically available on the web, but in the wrong language.

So, I've made a personal decision to never publish anything on the web in any other language than English, unless there's a compelling reason for it.

Tosin saatan ehkä silti kirjoitalla tänne blogiin suomeksi, jos englanti alkaa tympiä liikaa... Vaatii aina 5-kertaisen määrän aivoenergiaa kirjoittaa sama asia englanniksi.